This is a man's world?

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James Brown's masterpiece was a sentiment to late 60s culture. Women had only had the right to vote for little over 40 years and were still seen in society primarily as either objects for man's satisfaction or as an asset to keep affairs in order at home. Although massive social movements in the 60s provided ample ground work to change how women are portrayed and the opportunities they are exposed to, how far have we really come in the 21st century to ensuring equality for both genders?

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I think the 21st century on the issue of gender equality has proven to be more favorable to women than ever experienced in previous times. The fact that feminism has been accepted as a standard social movement in the society shows that women are taking more seriously today. A simple look at today's society further proves the point. 

Unlike during the 60s when women were usually tied to a desk with typewriters, today, we now have more women with proffesioal qualifications occupying significant positions in various work places. Am not talking about certain work places, women now have a say even on international level. Just a few years ago, Hilary Clinton almost became the first female president of the United States. Also for the first time, an African who is also a woman presently occupies the seat of deputy secretary general of the United Nations. How much better can it get than that? 

Asides job places and other public working positions, women today also enjoy certain family rights that were often denied them in the past. They are no longer treated like household products. They share equal responsibilities and benefits in the family. Women now get chosen as soul heir in cases of beneficiaries or wills unlike previous times.

Whichever way you look at it from different aspects in the society, women today have almost the same rights as men do. I think there's been a very big improvement on gender equality today compared to during the 60s. 


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