Laziness or Depression

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I have always found myself to be a fairly lazy person and have difficulty motivating myself to do certain, every-day tasks.

Is this laziness or depression?

My doctor has advised me of a few different avenues to possibly explore but, before I do, I was wondering if anyone else had any advise about what helps them to motivate themselves.

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Pardon me for saying but I think you already have the answer since you've described yourself as fairly lazy. I too find it difficult executing every-day tasks especially household chores. 

Believe it or not, there's a big difference between being lazy and being depressed. It's fair to state that being depressed is when you're unable to feel excited or motivated at everything you do. I think your case is quiet different since you get lazy only around household chores, or so. However, one might think differently since you've gone as far as seeing a doctor. But since the doctor only adviced you on different avenues to explore and not prescribed drugs, then I can still assume your case is the usual lazy man's behavior. 

In my own case, I've been able to motivate myself by attaching meaning to everyday task. That brings me to point on mindset. I believe motivation has everything to do with mindset. If you're able to set your mind towards doing something, then there's a high possibility that no matter what avenue you've been advised to explore, it won't work because you still need motivating to indulge. I suggest you find a close friend who will be willing and is able to compel you into doing things. I find people to be the best of motivations. 

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