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Let's eat out and order in

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There is a sharp rise in recent years of typical dine-out restaurants and fast-food facilities that are now offering delivery options. While this is indeed a huge convenience, it has coupled with the decline of people who know how to cook and aligns with the rise of people being so engrossed in their phone that their every move is dictated and executed through that outlet. Now they are not even getting in the car to go get food when they can order from a screen, pay through a screen, and only have to interact with a person when they open the door to grab their food. They don't even have to hassle with conversation as the tip is even done through the screen. How often do you see people ordering in a fast-food establishment with their head in their screen as they order for everyone else who wasn't wanting to brave the interaction and eat out with their friends. Is convenience taking over the ability to socially interact?

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In short - YES!

I am a strong believer that the rapid rise in Mental illness (anxiety and depression especially) directly correlates with the rate at which technology is advancing. 

We are inherently social beings who NEED to be able to interact with one another on a personal level. Without the close relationships and tight-knit communities which we have prospered from for thousands of years, we are starting to detach ourselves from what our very nature requires.

Technology, social-media and the likes are robbing us of our ability to connect with one another deeply and profoundly. We find ourselves more and more reliant on technology by the year and it is scary to think how this civilization would cope if the energy grid went down.

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