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Can You Earn a Living Doing What You Love?

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What is Virgo

I have been told many times in my life that if I do what I love I will never work a day in my life. I believe that this statement is partially true. I would never work! There is only one way I have found that someone can earn money. And that is to provide value. The things of value that can earn money fall into 3 basic categories. You can provide time or skills/services in exchange for money. You can provide knowledge or education. You can provide materials or tangible goods. So, I suppose for some people it is possible to match something they love doing with one of these categories. Like a musician that performs. Or someone who loves teaching. For me, I have to admit that I haven't found anyone who wants to pay me to watch Netflix, go on vacations with my family, play video games with my kids, or take my wife on dates. Unless anyone reading this wants to pay me to do those things. Congratulations to those of you who have a love or passion that can provide value. For the rest of us, keep looking.

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I tried and I failed.
In my experience, as soon as money touched what I really loved to do, the passion faded. Because if you want to sell something or to do what you mostly love for money you have to come back to compromise and focus more on the marketing and business side instead on the 'doing and creating' side. I found it very difficult to create a good balance, as I was constantly concentrated on the business side to make it work.. I ended up leaving the business and keeping my passion! 

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This depends on, at least, a couple of things.  If the thing that you love has a high enough demand, then yes.  For example, if no one wants to read your book, then you won't make money.  

Obviously, if being profitable, for some reason, ruins it for you, then you're not going to make money.  Or you will and you'll hate it.  

I don't really think the statement will be true for most people, though.  Everything requires effort.  It's up to you to decide if the effort is worth it. 

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I believe that you can learn to love what you do, if you feel valued. That may not directly answer your question but it's in the same vein. I think you can find a job that makes you feel useful, doesn't overtax your energy, and provides sufficient income to support your outside interests. That picture may look different for everyone, but the point is not to chase some idealized vision, but rather a realistic picture that seems pleasant.

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I saw a video on YouTube once that had a different perspective on the "do what you love" idea. I can't remember who it was, but his thought was that you pursue good work that uses your natural skills and you'll find work that you're passionate about.

His point was that you may find work that you're passionate about that you never would have found if you had simply pursued your passions first. Definitely food for thought.

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