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I read an article recently that discussed the benefits of pet ownership. Apparently, if I recall correctly, owning a pet can lower your blood pressure and actually extend your life expectancy. I believe the sense of companionship and comfort provided by animals plays a big role in these results. My own pet has provided me with enormous comfort during times of stress or illness, so it follows that this could be beneficial to my health as well. 

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Jenny Bliss

It's true, my pet always comforts me when I'm not in a good mood, as if she is sensing I'm not feeling well. Sometimes when I have a painful area she will come near it and keep me warm. It also improves one's social skills.

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My first cat wasn't very affectionate. However, if I was sad, he would rub up against me and suddenly become Mr. Affectionate.

My current cat is naturally affectionate, but I have noticed that when my husband or I am upset, he'll pay extra attention to us.

Along the lines of health benefits of pets, I've read that a cat's purr can help with healing. Apparently, if a cat has a broken bone, anther cat will snuggle up with it and purr, speeding up the healing process.

I had a dog for 14 years. I know she helped me keep sane. I got her before I met my first husband, and as the abuse in that marriage escalated, my dog was my saving grace. I miss her terribly--and she passed 10 years ago!

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