What are Your Thoughts About Goal-Setting and Self-Improvement?

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Have you been good at self-improvement and achieving your goals; and do you have a good method that you'd like to share for motivation and success, such as, creating a vision board?

Also, if you have created a vision board in the past, what has your experience been with it? 

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I think that creating a vision board can be a good way to hep a person focus on their goals. The more that we can visualize what we want to achieve or see happen, the more likely we are to actually accomplish that goal . 

One of my goals is to take care of my health and be as active as I can be for my age, which is now 75 years old. Naturally, I can no longer do many of the things that I used to enjoy, but I still want to be able to enjoy life and do everything that I can. 

Part of what I do, is to listen to positive thinking tapes at night, and also ones that are motivational ones to help look and feel the best that I can feel. Hearing that input each night helps me want to eat healthy foods and exercise each day, and I definitely recommend doing this as part of a personal improvement program. 

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One way to achieve your goals is ask why you want to achieve the goal. Many people make goals but fail to achieve them by not asking the question "why." This is because when we initially make goals, we are all fired up and raring to go. However, as time progresses this feeling slowly dies and the only thing that keeps one going is to constantly ask yourself why you want to achieve that goal. 

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The problem I see with goal setting is that we often set super generic goals. Some examples are: be healthier, be richer, be happier etc.

For a goal to be successful, it at least be more specific and answer the question "How?". Here is an example of a good goal. For this year, I want to be healthier. In order to achieve this I commit to work out for 45 mins every morning when I wake up and I will cut processed food from my diet. Overall target is to lose 10 pounds.

This way, your goals are quantified and easier to measure. When you can measure something, there is a higher chance of you striving to achieve it.

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