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I don't remember many of my firsts.  My first words, high five, steps and days of schools are lost to me.  I don't remember them at all.  But I know they happen and they were followed by many many more.  I grew up with a family that loved me and tells the stories of my first adventures that I can not remember.  As I got older I start to remember my firsts.  First day of middle school, first sports game, first dance, first boyfriend and of course first kiss.  I remember and cherish those thoughts.  Along with the numerous other first that happened to me to this day.  My last first was the biggest of them all.  It was my first child.  It is now my children's first that have me in awe and inspire me.  Their first laughs, steps and falls are moments that I will never forget.  I will share them with them over and over again.  The joy that I felt hearing those first laughs escape their lips was wonderful.  Even know as we have our first 13 year old I am still loving and cherishing the firsts.  Like the first solo in the school concert and the first great play in the lacrosse game.  They amaze me everyday and I still can not want to experience the next first with them.

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I do not remember my day in this world! But there are many firsts that still linger in my mind: my first girlfriend, my first day as a married man, my first day at my first job, and my first day with my first child. There are still many firsts to be cherished in life and I intend to treasure them all. 

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