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Hit My 7th


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Good afternoon team and admins!  

I have successfully hit my seventh mark and am awaiting review.  With my undergraduate degree in writing and extensive history of posting in many forums, I believe that you will find my topics designed to increase the flow of comments while approaching a broad spectrum of audiences.  My replies to posts have been encouraging to other members while still attempting to continue a conversation and, in turn, increase the number of replies to topics.  I hope you find my brief bit of work exemplary and I'm looking forward to working together in the future.  



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I hit my 7th. Please excuse a couple terrible typos in my 7th post! I'm so tired and couldn't find the edit button that can usually be found.

I was a moderator for forums for years. Those forums have since been taken down but if you head over to, and posts written by Bekah are mine. I stopped writing there this past summer. The owner has turned her interest from frugal living to health and fitness. I'm still in the frugal living stage of my life.

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Greetings Val, Denise, and your helpful mods,

I have completed the task set before me,

in which I hope will truly entertain,

I would love for my writing to be,

one to help maintain; 

Thoughts, entertainment, education true,

Of this venue to reach out.

And have not only a voice in a new space, a bit of revenue,

I do hope you chuckled as you have no doubt.

I am a wordsmith that caught your eye,

and you would like me on your team.

With words that comply,

If you say yes, I am sure to beam.

And now that my request has come to an end.

I bid you good reading,

Happy Holidays to send,

And a Happy New Year with many new writers seeding.



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I'm excited to say that I've hit my 7th post! :lol: This is the opportunity of a lifetime for someone like me who posts on forums as a hobby! Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to hearing back from you. 

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