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How To Apply To Be A Writer


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General Requirements

  1. All writers are required to be at least 18 years of age. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  2. All content should not contain "text speak", offensive language, overusage of emoticons, rude comments, advertisements, links to outside business, or objectionable topics (e.g. drugs, illegal activities, sex-related content, terrorism, racism, etc.).
  3. Content should always be original; plagiarism or using AI-generated content will automatically disqualify you from employment.
  4. We strongly suggest using a PC to complete the application process. Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc) are more prone to typos and errors.
  5. If you are reapplying, do not create a second account. Notify an admin or a mod that you would like to reapply and we will send you the instruction. If you have forgotten your login credentials, please use the "Lost password" button or contact an admin or a mod for help. Duplicate accounts will face an automatic rejection.
  6. Once you have completed your test posts, please do not continue posting as this will result in a rejected application.


Steps to Apply

  1. Sign-up for an account on this forum with a unique username you have not used anywhere else as a profile name, Twitter handle, etc.
  2. Visit the Applicant Posting Area.
  3. Create only seven (7) unique posts, each of them has at least 25 words in length. Aim for a mix of topics and posts. 
  4. Make a reply at "Hit My 7th" thread when you have made those seven posts. This will be your 8th and final post.
  5. You have completed the application. Wait for a message from the admin team for your result and/or instructions for the next step.


Review Process

We review applicants Monday-Friday (EST business hours). Please be patient after submitting your posts, most times we review over a dozen applicants at once. Please allow up to 3 business days for a reply. Weekends and US national holidays, however, may take longer for us to get back with you. If you have not heard back from us in that time, you may contact us via email or private message (PM). We apologize in advance for any delays. We base our decision on:

  • Your ability to follow the instructions we have provided above;
  • Grammar and spelling, including punctuation and proper sentence structure;
  • Content (Your posts should be informative, on topic and add to the discussion. Simple “I agree” posts are not what we are looking for.);
  • Proper English usage;
  • How well you proofread your posts before submitting.

There may be other factors involved as we vet all writers on an individual basis. For instance, if English is your second language, you are welcome to apply, as we pride ourselves on being an international company with writers from all over the world. However, proper English is a must for this job.

Applicants will be automatically rejected for failure to follow the instructions listed in this thread.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a VPN to make my test posts?

While we appreciate the desire to remain anonymous and we sometimes need writers to use VPNs on certain projects, we do not allow VPN for test posts. Anyone caught doing this will be automatically disqualified. We are a company with a very strict confidentiality policy that protects both clients and writers and this is a job application with us, so transparency when applying is necessary. We appreciate your understanding.

2. How does the payment work?

All payments are made via PayPal only. There is no minimum cashout limit; you may request payment as soon as you have completed your tasks. The payment rate differs based on the jobs and your status as a team member.

3. What is the point of this forum? Do clients actually pay for this?

The purpose of Applicant Posting Area is to get a feel for each member's writing ability, writing style, and content. It is also a way for us to see if a member can follow directions and interact positively with other forum posters. The posts you make in this area are used for the sole purpose of vetting you to be a writer here at PFP. None of the posts made in this area are used on client sites, or used for any other purpose. Clients pay us for a variety of projects including forum posting, blog commenting, social media commenting, article writing, and e-book editing. Each project is unique and requires content that is created specifically with the client needs in mind. We never recycle or copy and paste content!

4. Does it matter what I write about?

Your posts are only used as part of your PFP writer application, so the topics you write about are entirely up to you. Your content, however, should be in accordance to the requirements posted above.

5. This was so much fun, I just want to keep posting! Is that OK?

While we recognize that it can be a lot of fun to make your trial posts here, our rules are very specific about only making 7 posts in the Applicant Posting Area. At PFP, your ability to follow directions is as important as your ability to write. Applicants will be rejected for failure to follow directions.

6. PFP seems to be much more strict about grammar, spelling, and punctuation than other companies. Why is that?

Our clients hire us for the highest quality English content and that means our writers must be masters of the English language. If English is not your first language, it is essential that you can write like it is because that is what our clients expect.

7. I am really nervous! How can I make a good impression?

The best way to make a good impression is to follow all directions, proof your work carefully, and most importantly, be yourself! If you have a casual writing style, use it! Trying to sound overly academic will not give you an advantage over another writer, especially if you do not usually write that way. For example, we have clients who manage a variety of forums and blogs with topics that range from health and wellness, parenting, online gaming, web hosting and programming, and music and entertainment. Your ability to blend in on a client site and post convincingly on the topics at hand is a must. Each member brings their own unique style and talent to our team, and that is what sets PFP apart from the competition.

8. I was rejected, but I don't know exactly why. How can I find out the specific reason(s)?

At the request of the applicant, we are always happy to provide a list of what the vetting team noted within your test posts. Please reply to the admin or mod who sent you the initial response and they will get back to you with more detailed information.

9. I was rejected, but I see other people posting here who aren't so great. What gives?

As mentioned above, this area is used ONLY for the purpose of applying to be a writer here. PFP staff do not post or interact in this section in any way, so all the posts you see in the applicant posting area were made by applicants, and not everyone who has posted in this area was offered a position with us. Each applicant is vetted in the same manner and through the same process.

10. How do I apply to be a writer for the other services PFP offers, such as resume writing and virtual assistance?

The application process at PFP begins with forum test posts. If you are accepted as a poster, you will be welcome to apply internally to the other facets of the company.


Thank you for your interest in PFP. We look forward to working with you!

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