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Do you take a good picture or say a little prayer first before eating?


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Whatever we like to do, call God first to thank Him, Praise Him for the goodness He has in us. It has always been my practice to say a prayer before eating a meal. Even when I dine in a fast food chain or a fine dining restaurant, I always do thank Him. However, there were also times when I forget and suddenly remember in the middle of my meal so I just stop and say a little prayer before I take my next bite.

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I like to take a good picture sometimes before a meal. Sometimes, when you look at that food you want to show off a little bit. I like to take that picture first then I pray to God in thanksgiving. Let's say I want to thank God for the food and the picture in one prayer.

Sometimes I take two selfies and a full picture of my family before the meal. It's always fun when you see grandma smile before the meal.

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I'm more likely to thank the person who prepared it. I remember watching my aunts and grandmother slaving away over a holiday dinner in the kitchen all day when I was 5 or 6 years old. It felt like a horrible injustice when my Grandfather said grace and thanked God for the meal, with no acknowledgement of the fact that his wife and daughters all worked together to prepare it. I was outraged on their behalf and they didn't even seem to mind. I still can't wrap my brain around that attitude. When someone uses their time and energy and resources to do something nice for me, you can bet I'm going to thank them directly.

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I think I can relate to a line in your comment which states that - "there were also times when I forget and suddenly remember in the middle of my meal", a very typical common behavior I find myself exhibiting every now and then.

When I was a kid, I never made a mistake of forgetting to say a few line of prayers before eating a meal, or so because my parents where very devoted to religion and they tried to make sure I wasn't left behind. I guess times have changed and am no longer walking the path of my folks anymore. But still, I always make sure to thank whoever prepared the meal, if it was satisfying.



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          I always have in mind to say a short pray before the meal to ask God for his blessing upon my meal and myself as well as other people from my table. Sometimes i do forget and i do it while eating. At the end i thank Him for the meal and for His kindness. I want tell everyone that i am a Greek Orthodox and this is how my family rised me .

          In my opinion taking pictures before eating is a new thing to show our friends how nice we are spending time out and how grate the dish is, but is a bit selfish if you ask me.

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Definitely, what you are doing is a good practice.

Some atheists may not believe in God, but they cannot deny that there is a supernatural power that is responsible for that atheist’s birth too. Also, there is a power responsible for the creation of the most complicated universe which is balancing over plain nothingness.

We are calling him as the God to that supernatural power who has been described as ‘omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient’.

Just as you respect your parents and elders, you are paying your respects to the God the creator of the universe for his creation and for his benevolence for having fed you for the day.

Anyway, the time is not a factor here, for the prayer. Different people will offer their prayer at different times in different regions, on different days of a weekday.

In India in general, the practice is, that Hindus will pray on Thursdays, Muslims on Fridays and Christians on Sundays etc, and it all depend on the religion they practice and the individual’s mentality.

It is my advice you keep up your practice, whether it brings any materialistic benefit or not, it will definitely give mental solace, boosts your confidence and brings peace of mind.



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Well it is a fact that we should give thanks to God before eating. But sometimes i don't. I have four kids who are very anxious at meal times. So a soon as the food is on the table, they start eating. As they grow older i know that things are going to be different.

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As a child, I would pray before meals. Like many, I've abandoned that practice long ago.

I have also abandoned the practice of taking a photo of my meals.

The reason may be simpler than people think--it doesn't seem important. 

My early teachings included ways of living, but also how to think critically.

Thus, I choose to express my thanks, gratitude, joy, sadness, etc, in ways that contribute to my personal growth based solely on my unique experience. 

That means developing practices that have genuine meaning to me.

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I have always believed that it was very important to pray before a mean. I've had this belief instilled in me through my life by going through periods where i had no food to eat. In my eyes, i always thank god for giving me the things necessary for me to survive. I can't imagine living that kind of life ever again. I thank god everyday for all the wonderful things in my life!

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Its actually good to pray before tackling any activity, eating is also an activity. They always say there are many will who would have wished to get that meal but they haven't and that's the reason why we should pray before eating. I feel like when you forget to pray before eating and you realise after finishing, you can still pray and thank God for the meal.

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