Generac Vs. Tesla Powerwall

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I looking at getting a backup generator or battery for my house to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season and I am unsure as to which would better help my situation. On one hand you have the backup generator that can use a natural gas line, gasoline or diesel depending on your needs. And on the other hand you have a low maintenance battery that charges to full when you have power, but once you're out, you are out.

If I were to get a generator, I would probably get a Generac, and if I were to get a home battery, I would probably get a Tesla PowerWall ... what are your thoughts?

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this is a tuff question, on one hand you have clean sourced and stored energy of the power wall. But in a storm if your equipment is damaged or town power disrupted then you certainly are "up the creek". On the other hand a back up fossil fuel generator is easy to repair and keep functioning it can be topped up with juice very easily and its also easy to keep a generator and a supply of fuel in a small space. The down side is the smell and noise, although a modern Honda generator is a very very quiet machine. Ive not heard a Generac but i would assume it is not to bad.


If i where to really sit down and choose a side i would, for in cases of emergency and possible storm damage side with the generator. It is the best solution as a back up. I would how ever move my house electricity over to solar panels and a Tesla power wall for day to day use.

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