Can music help to relieve stress?

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Music is like a universal language. No matter where you are, who you are and no matter what kind of language you are using, music can bring us all together. You listen to music when you are happy, when you are in love, when you are sad and lonely or when are stressed. 

Stress can be difficult to deal with sometimes especially if there is no one to talk to. Whenever I am so stress for school work, I use to listen music because it make me calm and relax my sense.

What are your thought about music can relieve stress?

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When I listen to synth-wave or techno/trance it can keep me from getting stressed out from studying for college and reading really boring stuff.  

It can also pump me up to get me to work out.  Like Usher: More.  It really gets me to give it more.  

I noticed at the last block party I put on some classical violin and everybody was super chill and boring.  When I put on some more upbeat Jazz people started talking more and were smiling more.  

So, I think it can help relieve stress.  

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I think music can relieve stress. I like to listen to Jazz when I'm trying to wind down, and it always seems effective. 

I also believe certain sounds can help relieve stress. I like to listen to the sound of rain, and watch ASMR videos. These things are effective at calming me.

I think music has a big impact on your mood in other ways too. Such as evoking empathy, and to give motivation. 

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Good morning guys.

For me music has been an all encompassing part of my life, ever since i was a young teen. It has had an impact and  brought companionship like no other. It has helped shape the individual i am today and always it has extended a hand of help and allowed me the ability to express my self where words fail. Music has been a true, trusted friend and i am sure it will always be there to support me what ever the situation.

So in short, yes!


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I think it may for a some times but it can not a permanent. we make our habit of music. More music make us disturb. If we get time in music, other tasks will be affected. 

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"Where words fail music speaks" ,said  Hans Christian Andersen. Music  is the language of the soul, it connects our souls and hearts, it's the only language that can convey emotions as they are;  raw and beautiful.

On the other hand, music is a great therapy when it comes to stress and depression, it helps with improving the mood and relaxation not to mention that it's proven that music can calm the autonomic nervous system.

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