Will working online/working from home eventually become a majority over "conventional" jobs?

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With the continuous growth of the internet and ways to make money with it, will people one day be working online more than offline jobs such as construction, etc? That's not to say that these jobs will disappear because, of course, we will always need them. I'm curious if they'll ever fall behind in numbers in comparison to internet jobs.

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Being from San Francisco, I feel like I am beginning to see this as a growing trend. However, it doesn't really work for me personally. Also, I think that you may see things get closer to 50/50 in some of the larger tech hubs, but more rural areas (or even just smaller cities) could struggle to get to this point. There is also no replacement for in-person interaction - even with more video conferencing platforms coming out - so sales positions will likely continue to be in-office

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Honestly? I hope so.

I’m a stay at home mom, so I’m speaking from that community. I know there are a large number of us who are conflicted over what we feel is what we need or want to do with our children, and the fact that life sometimes require two incomes, or even one if it’s a single parent household. So if there were more options for work at home jobs, we would be able to solve our issue and earn from home, without worrying about being caught in a scam.

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