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The age of mental health and awareness is upon us. The time of taboo psych evaluations is being eradicated. If you are feeling sad most of the time, or are unusually stressed, do some research and see a doctor. There is no longer reason to feel shame or that you are somehow broken. You have tools that are waiting to be utilized to help yourself feel better. Go out and wield them!

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Yes, yes, yes!   The Age of Mental Health is upon us. As we're all going through the same thing just handling it in different ways. And this is a perfect opportunity to wield the shield of Compassion and remember that a sincere smile and genuine greeting (even to yourself) will go a long, long way in restoring Harmony on Planet Earth.   

Best of luck to you, my friends!

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I don't know I think we may have a bigger issue of over diagnosing due to a larger cultural problem. You have to remember that psychology is also a business, a business that might be willing to convince you there's something wrong with you to make a quick buck. 

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