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When you have a picky eater in your family some times it is hard to eat out, because everybody wants something different to eat.  Restaurants should allow food from other places in their establishments when it comes to children; however, when it comes to adults that is different.  The difference being that adults are more willing to try something new from the menu when most children will not.  Anyone else agree?  

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As a chef I would never allow that in my restaurant. As good as a thought you may think it is, it is not something that would ever happen. Just the health code violations alone would stop this. Kids are raised to coddled these days. No one is born a picky eater it is something a parent allows. Try this, instead tell the child if he or she does not want to eat something off the menu that is fine. They just have to understand that when they want dessert they do not get any. Having the restaurant have to coddle children is not their responsibility, they are their to serve the food they have selected to serve. 

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When I was a little kid, I was extremely picky. I wouldn't eat anything that didn't look good or anything that I hadn't tried for that matter. My whole family is Persian, but I would never try Persian food because most of them don't look very appealing to a 10 year old. I remember this one time in particular, on my birthday, when my mom had made a meal called ghorme sabzi. And guess what, I did not try it at all, and instead, I chose to eat pancakes. To this day, ghorme sabzi is my favorite meal, and the thing I really can't get over is why I didn't try it sooner.

I think that you should really try everything, even if it doesn't look good. Because who knows, it might surprise you and it might end up being your favorite meal!

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