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My sisters and I were off and on raised by our maternal grandparents. At the time of my grandmother's death, my sisters and I were living with them in their home. I was a teenager then, and did not really believe in the supernatural at all. However, two of my five sisters told of separate incidences  when they had been "visited" by our deceased grandmother. I can only recall the story that one sister told me, and it was when our toddler nephew was sleeping on his mother's bed one day and my sister thought it would be a good idea to wake him. She said that she had leaned over the bed, just about to shake our nephew, when she felt something that felt like hair brush across her face. She looked up to see my grandmother shaking her head at my sister in disapproval. My sister was so shaken that she ran from the room and jumped into my bed with me. At the time I believed myself to be an atheist, but I believed her story. My grandfather also told us of the many times that my grandmother had wakened him to let him know when my eldest sister or I were coming into the house at night. He would call our names when we came into the dark house, and would tell us that he always knew which of us it was coming in because she would tell him. I have heard several stories from different people who were visited by loved ones, but no one has ever visited me after their deaths. I would surely welcome such a visit!

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I have always been a sucker for paranormal stories. I find them very entertaining. Stories like yours are my favorite, when someone has a little “extra-time” with a loved one that has passed away. It is a very comforting idea that our loved ones are still close and watch over us.

My sister also had an experience recently where she felt a breath on her neck while she was alone. She came running and shaking because she was extremely scared. It’s hard not to believe someone when you can see that they’re freaking out!

Our lives can get very predictable. We have a routine. That’s why I like to believe that extraordinary things can happen.

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Many religions talk about ghosts and many people believe in them. In Buddhism ghosts even dwell in an entire plane of existence on their own, stricken by hunger, thirst and desire. They can also overlap with our world and that is why some people can see them. Of course it can be a daunting topic but it is actually sad for those souls who become ghost and have to roam in pain without having a physical form!
If they exist (I didn't have any personal experience), I will be compassionate towards their situation!

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First, I'd like to point out that being an atheist doesn't mean you don't believe in ghosts.  

Second, the only experience I have that might be similar happened about a month after my dad died.  I was standing on a dock, my balance isn't great.  I was fine on the dock, though.  And the thought that it was because my dad was holding me steady was a comfort.  

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