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Should A Man Bring Home The Money?


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Personally, I think the answer to this one is simple.  Yes, traditionally, the man brought home the money while the woman took care of the kids and put the food on the table.  They made due with what they had...for example, the Depression era.  Some women did go to work in factories.  But, these days, if the man is out-of-work, the woman goes into the workforce, while the man stays at home with the kids.  Not a thing to be ashamed about.  These days they are affectionately known as SAHM (stay-at-home moms) and SAHD (stay-at-home dads).  So, who ever brings home the bacon...fry it up in a pan!  

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The days of men bringing home the bacon are a thing of the past!

Men and women are educated, have careers and are capable of earning a good living. Men and women are also great at parenting and taking care of a house. This is a new era of sharing responsibilities. I am all about equality in the household. 


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Sure... a man should bring home the money, BUT a woman should bring home the money, too.  Any able-bodied teens in the house of working age?  They should bring home the money as well.  Work should be valued, and having a job brings with it a sense of responsibility and pride.  

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I believe that any person that can work, should. Yes, in the past males would sustain the work load; however, this isn't the past. In the world of today, one person can not support the living course of two or more if starting a family. I mean, can you live off of minimum wage working forty hours a week. My guess is, no, not comfortably. If you're in a relationship then you should have the mentality of teamwork. Where you both work, take care of issues that arise, and build onto the life you choose.

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My opinion about men and women in the workplace is controversial but subject to change, so don't hate me!

Currently, men make significantly more than women. With that being said, I do believe that men hold the responsibility of developing and utilizing as much of their abilities as possible for the sake of their family. Sure, this dynamic is changing a little because millennial women aren't having as many children, but inevitably, more money comes in when the man is involved.

That's not to say I don't think both partners should work, but I also believe that economic advantages should be taken into consideration.

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Well, what's the point? Is it even more efficient? To me it seems that if everybody in a household took care of themselves and carried their own weight you would avoid the conflicts that come with working as a team. On top of that, I feel it's better to hold on to your independence. This is not to say that you can't do things for people but you shouldn't undercut someone's self respect by doing things they can do for themselves. 

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The dynamics of the traditional family have evolved over the years. Some women earn more money than their partners. In that situation, should she stay home and care for the child, or should he do this? A budget should be set in the household, and both parties should participate in providing money for the budget and caring for the household. So, yes, the man should bring home the “bacon,” or money.

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I think this is about balance. If one person in the relationship keeps the house livable and takes care of the kids then the other should bring in the money. If both of them do housework and also bring home the money then it´s fine. It doesn´t matter if it´s a man keeping the house clean or the woman. As long as everything is in balance and both parties are happy.

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