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Are airplanes safe?


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Air travel has changed so much in my lifetime that I'm not sure I will ever fly again. I'm not afraid to fly and I do believe that, generally speaking, it's the safest and fastest way to travel. However, with all the new rules and regulations, it also seems to be the most difficult option; in fact, flying has become an ordeal for many travelers. So, unless there's a family emergency or a critical health issue that requires my immediate response, I'm inclined to rely on ground-based means of transportation. At least in my car I don't have to pass through TSA checkpoints...yet.

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I myself am terrified of flying. The funny thing is my dad has worked for the airline for 35 years so we have flown our whole life since we were babies. Once I actually was old enough to realize what a fear was I have grown anxiety and panic of certain things such as height and claustrophobia. I also do agree with you I will only fly if I have to otherwise driving is the only choice and least complicated.

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For trans-continental travel that crosses vast bodies of water, like in getting from Taiwan to the U.S., I would say an airplane is far safer than any alternative means. Compared to an ocean-going vessel, half a day's flight is a much shorter time one is exposed to the mercy of the elements than a week or so of tossing and heaving in the Pacific Ocean. 

But then again, comparative safety of transportation modes can be a subjective matter especially to someone who is terrified of flying. I am not. I enjoy going to faraway places and flying to get there is a most thrilling part of the journey. 

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For someone who flew for so many times, I could say they are very safe. Technology has changed so much that the difficulties before are no longer existing. Problems do arise, but compared to the old way of solving it, people nowadays have better way of dealing with it.

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Based on probability, I'd say planes are probably not less safe than cars.    Well, someone could argue that a plane has no way out that's reasonable, but a lot of times, maybe most, it could be said of cars.  In that case, why not be brave and go on a plane?

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I think there are wider connotations to ths questions. 

Recently, in my state, there was a plane crash. The pilot was a decorated airforce officer. Both the pilots perished in the journey, but he saved all the 190 passengers onboard by switching off the electronic system of the aircraft before it plunged down the valley. He also made sure that the aircraft dumped all the fuel, though that was done as part of the difficult landing procedure in table top runways. 

The cause of the accident here is rain and the tabletop mechanism of the runway. Then there are instances like plane hijacking, which are not really the issue with aircrafts but how the system is being run. 

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For someone who flew once, I did not incur any fear whatsoever, in fact I was excited, I always wanted to have the supernatural ability to fly. Regardless, I think it depends on how you take in what you feel inside and what you see in the news.

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Flying in an airplane is safer than crossing the street or driving a car. Accidents are an exception in the aviation industry while the same can not be said for road safety.

I sure do feel much safer in an airplane than when I sit in a car!

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