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Single or Married?


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I'm single but most of my friends are married, and I've learned a lot from them about the advantages of both states. You can be happy or miserable in both, and it's up to you which you will be if you keep your eyes wide open. Marriage is a lifelong commitment in my circle and requires constant effort, because it's the joining of two completely different entities. If you enter marriage realizing that, you can be blissfully happy (a great deal of the time). Singleness, too, means work, but for me the advantage of singleness is that I've only myself to live with; having decades of experience with that, I rather like the person I've become and have no plans to change my current status. Then again, we never know what surprises life holds, so I'm open to the possibilities.😊

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Very well put!  I myself am now married for the 2nd time and I have 2 children, 1 from each marriage. I know it sounds crazy, but I would get married over and over again because I enjoy being with somebody. Here' the crazy thing though, my 1st husband and my current husband both work overseas, so my 1st marriage of several years we were only together a few months out of the year as with my current marriage. We spend more time apart then we do together so it's very exciting when he comes home, it's like a hot date every time and we get to learn new things about each other every time.  I completely enjoy my alone time, but then again it's not really alone time because I do have my 2 children with me thankfully. I don't have the companionship of a husband all of the time since my husband travels abroad and he has no set schedule. When my husband does come home we have to adapt and adjust to each other's lifestyle every single time.

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