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Technology, Curse or Blessing?


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There are many advantages as well as many disadvantages to technology and its use. It can be a real advantage or a blessing to have a smart phone when you're in danger or stranded, but that smart phone can be a distraction or a curse to a driver who uses his phone while driving and ends up in an accident. There's an abundance of useful information on the internet but also very harmful information as well. Technology can be used to improve lives or to destroy lives. In my opinion technology has been both a blessing and a curse to Humans. 

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Have you watched the movie transcendence by Johnny Deep. The level of computer technology he presents is far ahead of the current human time. Here he uses technology to cure a myriad of diseases. Yet the same technology has derailed families, increased divorce rate, promiscuity and a lot of vices (e.g. porn sites).

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Technology is both a curse and a blessing. It depends on who is using it and what they are using it for. Much of the technology we use today did not exist 50 years ago. Humans are still getting used to it and have not yet figured out how to integrate it into our society and lives while minimizing the harm some do with it.

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While I do agree that it may be both a blessing and a curse, I think that it will be more beneficial for people if they see technology for what it is: a tool. All tools have their pros and cons, after all. I think that if you have sufficient knowledge of any tool, you can utilize their pros more often than encounter their cons. This is why I think people should educate themselves more about the tools they use, and about what to expect of them. Who knows? Maybe a change in perspective can take out the "cursed" aspect of technology.

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