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An Unusual Hug

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People can easily fall in love with the small but mighty marsupial, the sugar glider. After all, they resemble a cute flying squirrel that will cuddle in your pocket!

That is until they spread their stretchy, fur-covered skin and glide through the air, landing playfully, on their owner's head, in a "hug." A practice that, while adorable, can lead to some nail-related scalp ouchies.

However, despite the many appeals of being a "suggie" owner, potential homes must consider that they are nocturnal. Also, they have many dietary needs to aid in a long life, similar to that of a canine.

Nevertheless, for the right homes (like mine), sugar gliders will provide years of companionship and "hugs!" 

What exotic pets would you like to own?

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The above post is fascinating! 

I'm sure that there are a lot of people from England, myself included, that have never seen a sugar glider, not even in a zoo. My wife and I would love to have one as a pet, but I think we should think in practical terms and get a kitten instead!

Does anyone know how many sugar gliders are owned as pets?

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Oh wow, sugar gliders sure seem fun! I actually wasn't aware that you can take them in as pets before reading this post.

Sadly, I haven't really owned any exotic pets before. The animal protection laws might be relatively stricter in my country, so I'm not sure if I could ever own one. At least I get to share some of the excitement when reading stories like this!

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