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Garth Strummer

Max is a VERY bad Kitty

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Garth Strummer

Three months ago I venture out to The Kitty Café. I’m getting a new kitten to replace poor Starvin’ Marvin who had lived his good life and passed away.

My tactic was to go in, sit down in their cat lounge area, and wait for the cat to pick me.  After a fruitless 20 minutes or so, I go up to the two ladies running the show.

“I’m looking for a male kitten” I say. “But I don’t want just any male kitten. I want the worst behaved kitty you have. I want the one that tries to escape each time you open the door, the one that knocks your pens off the counter, the one you shout at multiple times per day”

Both girls say, at exactly the same time “Gigi!”

That’s how I ended up with Gigi, renamed Max.  I shall also mention that every cat in the store cost between $20 and $75 but Max cost $80. Off to a good start.

Max came as advertised. He’s a VERY bad kitty. He’s up on the kitchen counters, stealing people food whenever possible. He has a part time job knocking anything on the dining table or the bedroom dresser to the floor. He doesn't come in from the deck when called.

BUT, he’s a lover and a snuggle merchant, so he gets away with it.

There’s a good boy Max.

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Oftentimes, the animals that have special needs, like behavior issues or a physical disability, are overlooked for adoption. I volunteered at a humane society for a while, and I saw many cats who were not 'perfect' get passed over by potential adopters. You did a really wonderful thing by bringing Max into your home and into your life. 

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