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Were Humans Designed to be Vegetarians ?

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This is question that I have wondered about for some time now, and finding a definite answer to this question is no easy process. Some scientists seem to think that our teeth and digestive system was made for eating fruits and vegetables, and others say that we should be eating meat. 

Even the Bible gives seemingly conflicting answers, when I looked there to see what God had to say about the kinds of food humans should eat. It looks to me like, at first, mankind was given all kinds of plants, fruits, and vegetables as our diet, and it was not until much later that the Bible says that meat is okay to eat, and that certain kinds of meat are called either “clean” or “unclean” . 

The species that is supposed to be the most closely related to humans are apes, and they eat about 90% vegetarian foods, and occasionally a bug or insect when they find them. They do not kill other animals to eat them, as far as I know. 

Based on this, it seems like a diet that is based on plants is a good choice, even when we also eat animal foods along with meat and dairy foods. I am interested in what other people think about this question  ? 

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Since you mentioned the Bible, it means you believe in it. 

All right, I'll say that when God created Adam, he didn't design him to eat flesh. As a matter of fact, no animal was designed by God to eat flesh. God told them to eat green grass while Adam ate fruits and seeds.

Chaos started after Adam sinned. The first animal that was ever killed, died so his skin could be used to cover Adam and Eve's nakedness.

Since then, the food chain on earth has changed drastically.

However, God has promised a new earth where lions will eat straw and babies will play with snakes without getting hurt.

This is because lions were eating straw and humans could talk to snakes before the fall of man.

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Absolutely not! The human digestive system is a carnivore digestive system, much like a dogs and much unlike a cows, cows ferment the plants they eat in their bellies and regurgitate it hundreds of times to let the bacteria work on it. We do not have those bacteria and our digestive track is very short.

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