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I bought some bitcoin a couple of years back and rode it up as the value increased. Unfortunately, I rode it back down too!

Now I've sold my bitcoin (at a loss, ouch!) and I wonder if I should have hung on?

Anyone have any recommendations if I get back in? Maybe I'm just experiencing fomo (fear of missing out)?

There are a lot of scams out there and it makes me nervous. 

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I wouldn't even bother buying at this point because of how expensive BTC still is. I'd go with the places that get you free super small amounts since they add up over time.

I used free sites like Moonbit and others and racked up 4 BTC over 2 years.

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Bitcoin will be halving by August this year. History has shown that BTC pumps shortly after halving, and I'm talking about two to three months after.

So expect a gradual rise around Oct, Nov. Bitcoin usually peaks in Dec/early Jan before going back to normal again.

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Bitcoin seems to be pretty unstable. I thought of investing, putting some money in then wait for it to grow then withdraw. But then, taking note of the fees of converting it does have some fees. Now, I am not sure if it's all worth it. It's more like a gamble for me.

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I am kind of new to cryptocurrency and have very small amounts of various coins, but plan on investing into them in a long term. I would either save a lot of money and invest in bitcoin later, or buy little bits at a time. There is also the option of buying other types of cryptocurrency. You can always transfer them to bitcoin at a later time!

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