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One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tailgates me in traffic. If I cannot look in my rear view mirror and see the driver’s hood, then his or her vehicle is too close to my rear end. Far too many vehicle accidents are caused by people following too closely to the vehicle in front of them. If I stop abruptly or even if someone hits the vehicle behind me at a red light or a stop sign, then that vehicle is going to hit me because the driver did not leave adequate space between our vehicles.

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Not all drivers know the danger in driving too close to the vehicle in front, because I see this happen almost on a daily basis.

In fact, a horrible accident occurred close to my house on Dec 31st, 2019. It was between a trailer and a motorcyclist.

It would not have happened had the motorcyclist not driven too close to the trailer.

Both the motorcyclist and his passenger died on the spot. It was horrible.

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