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Getting Started in Stocks

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I am interest in getting started in investing in the stock market. I should have gotten started years ago so I can't just 'buy and hold'.

I've researched several of the new brokerages that don't charge commissions like Robinhood and others. So my problem isn't executing the trades so much as it is picking the stocks in the first place.

Has anyone here had success with a rule-based system that you can recommend. 

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The main thing about stocks is that there no sure fire rule based system to guarantee success. It all depends on your personality as a trader. I suggest reading about stock trading first and find some mentors. It is not feasible to use all systems of trading so pick the one that fits your trading personality. After this, you can now proceed in doing some research on the companies you plan to buy. Lastly, don't forget to follow your rules or the system you chose and don't forget to keep a journal.

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I am very new to stocks and investments as well. I actually got started with these investment apps such as Robinhood, First Trade, Stash, etc. I am still new to how the entire thing works and when it would be good to sell a stock, as apposed to endlessly holding on it. I would also like to start investing in real estate one day once I understand better how stocks work and save enough funds for it. We are all beginners in things at some point! I wish both of us luck!

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