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Why did the content quality for TV go down


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The television initially had a few channels which focused on providing quality content. There were several series that children from all over the globe used to love. Overtime the advertisers have taken over the content. As a result there is less of the program and more of advertisement. The news channels try to fit in an ad piece everywhere a user would look at. Even though everything is an illusion but it is not amazing. There are more sponsors that are competiting with each other to gain user attention. The children cartoon also have plethora of commercials in between the shows. The advertisers can rather pay the user to pay attention of that is the goal.

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Well, honestly, I've seen some sitcoms that just aren't funny.  Well, funny is subjective, but I really believe a large majority wouldn't find it roll over humorous.  Well, in that case, there would be canned laughter tracks which seem so fake!

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