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The phone needs an upgrade


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Smart phones these days have large number of inbuilt apps. These apps provide all sorts of services that the user needs. If that is the case why would the phone constant updates. The reason being to cover up more hard disk space so that applications start to crash. Sometimes new applications are installed without user permission. It is only to jam the machine hence the user has to get a new phone.

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The more common reason your phone updates so often is for the sake security and feature updates.

Catching security holes and patching them is an arms race between vendors and those looking to exploit these vulnerabilities for their nefarious purposes (e.g. stealing sensitive data or holding your phone ransom).

I will say that you are not entirely wrong in that these companies want to get their users to upgrade their hardware. However, the more common way that manufacturers force their users to upgrade smartphones is to simply stop providing updates altogether!

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