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Should Schools Reopen During the Pandemic?


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Do you feel they are safe enough or should people go for home schooling?   Well, the downside of it is the lack of socialization.  Nonetheless, some people can get enough of that just at a church or thru local family and friends.

Myself, I wonder if a lot of parents are qualified to engage in home schooling.  Anyway, though, there is a lot of computer technology to aid the problem, so it's probably not a big a deal as in the past.

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I would like to take a mixed view on this. I am a doctor and I how how hard it is for parents of infected children to cope up with the disease. The school act as an ideal breeding ground for the disease but what is more serious is another issue which I would like to point out - A infected child will definitely infect his/her parents - that means no work, extra costs, no savings. 

This cycle might continue. Going by this logic, I feel that it is appropriate to close down schools and pursue quality education through alternate means like decentralization of education and technologies like internet and the mobile. 

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I wish schools would reopen during the pandemic but we have to keep in mind the susceptibility of elders and those with comorbidities to the virus.

Prevention is better than cure and what better way to stop further fatalities than stay at home and follow social distancing!

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