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Organ donation


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Organ donation is a hotly contested topic. Some people belive in life after death and they think that to lead a life after death, one must be returned in the most 'intact' way as possible. People are not very open to accept a dead body unless it is 'full'. 

Yet another school of thought believes in the good things done in this world rather than leading a life after death in a different world. There are innumerable schools of thought on organ donation and I would love to know your views in the matter. 

Note: Currently, atleast 12 of your organs can be harvested and transplanted. 

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I am not familiar with very many belief systems, so instead I will only offer what I personally think.

Those that are able to, should. Unless there is an underlying issue that would expose one to complications or some sort of illness that would be unwelcome, it is more what we do for each other in the now that matters.

I think it should go without saying that this applies to consenting individuals. There is a whole other topic that considers the sort of imperatives that exist within organ donation (voluntary and otherwise) and the sort of morality that comes to grips with what we owe each other in terms of acts like these.

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Around where I live, not many people would want to donate their organs. Even I have mixed feelings about this but I am sure, the right thing is to opt for it. You will be giving a new life to someone and they will be grateful to you, as long as they live.

I will probably donate mine at some point. I am sure my family will be devastated if they ever get to know this, but it's the right thing to do.

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