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Law of Attraction; Reality or Myth


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This question popped into my mind while I was reading about pregnancy tips. We always hear and believe that "Like always attracts like" and this happens as well. Positive thinking brings peace and success in your life. But the question is, "Can you always rely on Law of Attraction?" I don't think so. You can't pass an exam unless you prepare. You can't become a CEO unless you work for it. Your effort is much important than your positivity. postivity is a crucial part but hard work and passion is the key to success. There is still room for a counter argument.

Do you support my argument or disagree with it?

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I've seen a lot of Facebook posts about Law of Attraction. While it's just a concept, it serves as a motivation for people to keep working on what they want. Your belief should always come with actions if you want to attract the things you want in life. 

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