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Learning a new language from scratch


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How do you feel about this? Do you believe that it's necessary to learn how to read and write, for a new language? I am sure many others believe that it's necessary to learn a language completely to be able to make use of it. Still, as long as you know how to speak and understand a particular language, then it's more than enough. When you interact with local people, you don't need reading or writing skills but you need speaking skills. 

I know Telugu, Hindi, Sanskrit and English languages. I can speak Kannada as well but I don't know how to read or write in this language. I plan to learn Japanese just enough to make use of it, in a conversation. Do share your opinions about languages and how do you plan to learn a new language here.

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If I learn a new language, I would want to learn how to read and write that language fluently. Being multilingual makes you a valuable asset to any employer. I have seen this skill be the determining factor in a situation where two applicants applied for the same position and a communications company, but the more qualified applicant for the job didn't get hired simply because of the fact the company needed applicants who were able to speak and read multiple languages.

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