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Connecting with the Inner Self through Physical Activities

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Hundreds of thousands of years ago, our ancestors would be on the lookout for food through hunting and gathering. This means that they have often used their physical abilities, and have maximized the use of their body and senses. Physique and instincts were a necessity to survive in a bare world without infrastructures and industrialization. Life was sensitive to the prevalent possibility of threats.

And so I've reached a thought that our ancestors would be more connected with themselves. Because aside from little to no distractions, they would often practice the use of their body. And body means a lot, it helps an individual further realize his or her existence in a physical sense. Exercising may be seen as a tool to reach a certain body goal, while on the other hand, it can also be perceived as a form of celebrating what one has. Many people might despise or hide away from something that tires them and that's understandable. However, physical activities don't only affect the body but also the mind.

Arguing on how much effort you're gonna exert, I think, is a manifestation of self-connection. Similarly, just like someone on the hunt would wonder when he or she would attack. Engaging with physical activities, regardless of difficulty might increase self-awareness of one's capacity.


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