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We are born in a place where things, to an extent, are waiting to happen. Experiences are then encountered in that geographical and cultural space, which then molds the person. To some, what they've decided in the past or whatever activities they've engaged with limits their present self. It happens that consciously or not, people decide that something is not for them because they'd think that 'they're not that kind of person.' It could also be that the surroundings manifest themselves to the individual making that person used to what's there is. Turning away from the stuff we're uncomfortable with isn't exactly bad but it is limiting. Identifying the limits that would negatively affect our life is valuable, besides we only got one. What I'm saying though is if you were born in a different place, there are still things that you would do and not do. We're all avatars. Limit yourself but not leniently. If you are suffocated by the limitations, get out of it or at least maximize your limits. Your preconditioning may affect whatever you'll do but what we can't do is but a construct.  

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