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When Lonely, Rethink the Desire

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There are days when I'd think that I would like to be in a relationship but after asking myself why I immediately turn back to "I guess not." 

"Maybe you're just horny?"

Sometimes but not most of the time. I think I'd be less horny than others since I haven't had sex yet too. You're less likely to seek what you haven't had although that was a different case for Adam and Eve.

And so the 'desire' to sometimes engaged oneself with another may be influenced by films and the idea of it. When we want to be in a relationship, I think the label is less of a priority, and caring about the other person becomes more emphasized in one's mind. Nowadays, connections are more casual which I think is good and bad as all other things. People have more space to decide what they want but with more freedom, an unexpected turn of events is also likely. It's important to be communicative regardless of what exists between two people. Many times, what someone needs may not be a romantic relationship but only someone to talk to. During these times, boundaries are important because there are so many intersections that feelings get confused. Being treated well and checked upon can be misinterpreted easily by someone who received little love growing up. These things that I've typed are a bit scrambled around but it all points out the confusion.

When you're lonely, be clear with yourself before engaging so that you don't end up confusing another being.


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