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Illusion of Virtual Connection and Validity of Emotions

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Before the pandemic started, I would barely use my phone and be on social applications. But then it eventually became lonely so I found myself interacting with random people over the internet. There would be chats here and there, appearing and disappearing, similar to passersby who you'll usually see on the streets. 

Substantial conversations were hard to find since more people were into sexual topics, which at the time I wasn't as comfortable talking about. Besides, because of anonymity, lots were just sending body parts, so what do I say to that? 

Luckily, I've managed to encounter people that I can relate to and talk about stuff. With people, I've come to expect that they will eventually leave and this applies especially within the context of the Internet. Although whatever my initial thoughts were, when I stopped interacting with someone I've been talking to for a month I still ended up sad. But I think to myself, "How am I sad when it was mere conversations that didn't even happen in person?" Regardless though, it still happened and emotions were felt.

 Virtual connections have become a huge part of us during this pandemic. Reality won't just be in person anymore, and whatever is now is real-life. What you'll feel is valid, but the cause of it is very fragile. A delete, a block, then poof as if nothing ever happened. By then, what can one feel about? It would appear as if you were feeling over nothing. 

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