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The Ceiling is an Art

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The ceiling is such a space where we can look comfortably when the world has exhausted us again. It is empty and there's really nowhere to look. But it helps generate the thoughts and doesn't hinders the peace of mind that we badly need which our phones can't really offer. 

There's nothing there in the ceiling, not even words, yet it helps the mind wander around. It's a safe space to look at regardless of what you're feeling and it somehow helps you reflect too.  Without the ceiling, you would see the chaotic structure of the house and your mind might be wandering when something might fall instead of having peace.

The ceiling is a safe space and yet tension can still arise when sounds are heard from it. It can also offer images during moments of imaginings almost acting like a projector. A blank may not be nothing then but is just a way of its own.

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