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Music food to the soul

Twinny Bee

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They say music is food to the soul, indeed it is. Music has the power to affect your emotions. Different types of music trigger different feelings. These feelings range from happiness, sadness, excitement, hope and faith. Music can change your emotions from sad to happy and depressed to hopeful. This proves that your mental health can improve just by listening to music. What are your thoughts?

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Music Food to the SoulĀ 

And it's also said that music is the spice of life. It lifts the soul on weary days with supernatural pieces in a sweet, calming song. It comes from varied sources. What we may consider as not music could be the very thing that our heart yearns. A child's laughter maybe what we need, or the sound of children at the playground outside. It doesn't have to be a radio blasting forth since even the symphony of birds chirping from the bushes can be the curry that adds sweetness to life.

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I study the histories of words. And one word that interested me was "trivia." Maybe I'll discuss that 'etymology' elsewhere, but I mention it because its etymology also mentioned "quadrivia" (one definition of 'trivia' was something-like "three subjects of knowledge," and 'quadrivia' was "four additional subjects").

And I saw that that's why they have music-classes in school. Schools' basic classes teach you the basic principles (math, grammar, history, science), but music (like P.E., theater, engineering, etc.) help you put those principles into action!

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I agree wholeheartedly, music nourishes you!
I also think that music is a divine way to conjure up inspiration. Even just the general mood of music feels like it can inform a new idea or a brand new perspective. I like to think that some of humanity's greatest achievements have been, at least partially, been accompanied by music in one form or another. It's hard not to think that when we were taught to spell and memorize facts with little tunes that our brains latched onto.

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I appreciate that you have brought up this topic, because music and sounds in general have a significant impact on how we feel. This is why music therapy is frequently brought into hospitals, elderly homes and other institutions where healing takes place. Music is a wonderful tool to enhance your mood and the great part about it is, you can listen to music almost anywhere!

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