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Seeing that face masks are still required in gyms and COVID variants seem to never end, I plan on sticking to working out at home. However, I find that I need a bit of variety in my workouts, or else I don't get as excited. What are your favorite forms of exercise at home? I enjoy jumprope, bodyweight workouts, and swimming!

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Thanks @robbb, for this topic. It's very important that we maintain our body fitness and remain socially vigilant to avoid contracting the COVID-19 virus. You can do this with simple exercises like sit-ups every morning in your room or, just as mentioned above, jump rope.

These won't require putting on a mask as you will be at home without many people. Working out while putting on a mask is very challenging as you don't get enough air, leading to hyperventilation.

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Exercising at home is one of the best things to incorporate into life as a routine. The overall health gains are numerous. Though not easy to begin, if you can persevere through the initial phase and make it a lifestyle, you'll soon discover it as a boost to self-love. Kissing that frog first thing in the morning makes everything else in the day easier to do.

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