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My sons have been asking for a dog, and honestly I'm a bit hesitant. If it were the right type of dog for our family I would be more open to the idea. I was hoping I could ask here and get some breed recommendations. I'd prefer a smaller dog breed that is good with families. Also, one that doesn't shed too much and can be easily trained to go outside to do their business. In other words, one that isn't too high maintenance. I recently met a Yorkie at an acquaintance's house and really liked her, so I was considering maybe that breed or a similar one. I'd really like to get some thoughts from people that have more dog knowledge than me. 

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From what I gather you are mostly leaning on the side of a pet dog than a guard dog. And since you mentioned that you'd prefer a smaller dog breed that's good with families, there are a few options.

These include: The Boston Terrier, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and others in that category.What I'd advise is for you to check out dog experts for more assistance.

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