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Beauty and Order


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What makes a human a unique being is a difference in the form and order from the rest of the animals despite other similarities. A divine connection inspires our lives as living souls with a spiritual link to the deity. By meditation on events, we can discern things and become more godlike. There's nothing special about eating and drinking, procreation and death, or looking as beautiful as an antelope or tiger, for every animal undergoes these things. But our education, advancement, civilization, the burning desire for life,  to live on and on is a nature that types the divine, our creativity, a quest for immortality, eternity, and a higher dimension of being. Every man has a spark of divinity, a spirit, and an infinite treasure trove shrouded by an animal-like body. We need to look within, dig out the dormant gemstones of our being and be of conscious service. Everyone is born rich, but the awkward and lopsided beliefs we acquire about who we are, the community, and the world is the limitation that keeps us from wealth and makes the majority more animal-like than creatures of divinity. 

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