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Why are you applying to be a writer?


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I've been a writer since I first learned to put thoughts into written words. When I started college (before I became aware that 'a college degree doesn't really qualify you for a career'), the Major I chose was English Composition.

(Well, I actually tried to choose Entertainment Business; but my disability proved too much 'a hurdle' for success in that one, and I was already showing such 'promise' in the reports and reviews and responses I loved to write.)

So writing is 'what I do.' There's not really any clear reason-why. Why do I want to be a registered writer? All kinds of reasons! Essentially, I want 'what I'm doing for fun' to be useful to the public.

(Uh-oh! I copied all that into Online Character Counter (to make sure it hit the count needed to qualify), and it told me I had exactly 'sixty & three-score & six' characters ... so this P.S. saves this post from Apocalyptic Infamy, yeah? 😋)


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There are several reasons why i might want to apply to be a writer

1.have strong writing skills and can write compelling content[2].i have a good understanding of grammar and style[3].- I am familiar with different writing formats[4].-I have a strong interest in the topic you would be writing about

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