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Mismatched Bible Lessons: The Poor Widow, and The Golden Rule


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In case you aren't familiar: 'The Poor Widow' was a woman who--while wealthy parishioners were granting huge sums of value into the temple's coffers--was only able to give 'two mites' (worthless coins), but Lord Jesus Christ said that she gave 'more than all the wealthy with their huge donations; because she gave all that she had, when they only gave a fraction of their largesse.'

And "The Golden Rule" is adapted from "The Greatest Commandment," which Lord Jesus Christ said is, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

My mind connects those two teachings and applies it to the modern day, making me think, 'If I give all my virtual influence (though it's currently next-to-nothing) to massive media members--sending people to their content--then they'll mention me and send peopleĀ my way!"

But it's not working like that! Can you tell me why?

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