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How Can I Convince You that Bitcoin's NOT a Ponzi-Scheme?


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Bitcoin (or whatever cryptocurrency you prefer ... but "'crypto-ANYTHING' is never something you want to get involved with 🤣") is a way to keep your money safe from hackers. When you put your money into Bitcoin, the password that locks it into The Blockchain (or takes it out of The Blockchain to send it to another account) is the answer to an equation that's confirmed by several Crypto-miners---other computers that send guesses to The Blockchain's main computers, loading your transaction onto (or off of) The Blockchain when enough of them guess 'the right answer.'

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If Bitcoin were a Ponzi scheme, investors would be receiving regular payouts from somewhere. In truth, the value of Bitcoin is anything but consistent and its price can swing wildly. It isn't uncommon for Bitcoin to gain or lose 20% in a single day.

There are platforms that pay steady APYs on Bitcoin. Indeed, it would be fair to question whether any of the platforms paying crazy high returns on crypto deposits are Ponzi schemes. But to level this accusation at Bitcoin would be the same as calling the dollar a Ponzi scheme because some scammers use it as a form of payment.

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