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Revamp an Arm Chair with Upholstery

Saqib Murtaza

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You will require the following items for upholstery:

  • Upholstery fabric

  • Foam or batting for cushioning

  • Staple gun

  • Scissors

  • Measuring tape

  • Upholstery tacks or nails (optional)


What to do?

Remove the old fabric from the chair:

To remove the old fabric from an armchair during upholstery, you will need a few tools including a staple remover, scissors, and possibly a screwdriver.

  1. Begin by removing the staples that hold the fabric in place using a staple remover.

  2. Carefully cut the fabric away from the frame using scissors, leaving as much of the fabric intact as possible.

  3. Once all of the fabric has been removed, check for any additional staples or tacks that may be hidden under the arms or seat of the chair.

  4. If the chair has a seat cushion, remove it and any foam padding underneath.

  5. If the chair has any decorative elements such as buttons for tufting, remove them as well.

  6. Once all of the old fabric and padding have been removed, the chair should be ready for new fabric to be added.

It’s important to be as gentle as possible as you work, so as not to damage the frame of the chair.

Measure the chair:

To calculate how much fabric you'll need, measure the armchair's seat, back, and arms.

Cut the new fabric:

Leaving enough cloth to wrap around the edges, cut the new fabric to the required size.

Add cushioning:

If necessary, add batting or foam to the chair's seat and back to improve comfort.

There are a few steps to adding cushioning to an armchair during upholstery:

  1. Remove the old fabric and padding from the armchair.

  2. Measure the seat and back cushions of the armchair to determine the amount of new padding needed.

  3. Cut the new padding to the appropriate size and shape.

  4. Attach the new padding to the armchair frame using a staple gun or adhesive.

  5. Cut the new fabric to the appropriate size and shape.

It is important to note that, depending on the type of armchair, the process may vary.

Place the new fabric:


Attach the new fabric to the armchair frame, stretching it tightly over the padding and securing it with a staple gun or adhesive.

Finish the edges:

Fold the extra fabric at the corners and edges under the chair, and staple it in place or trim any excess fabric and enjoy your newly upholstered armchair!



Add upholstery tacks or nails to add a decorative touch.


This is a simple guideline to the complicated task of upholstering a chair.-

 You might consult a professional depending on the state of your chair and your level of expertise.

To make your upholstery job simple, economical, and fantastic if you're interested in doing it yourself, I suggest purchasing the book "A Step-by-Step Guide to Upholstery and Design."


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