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How to smear the enemy?


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Put pressure on a weak spot: Appearance. Many people suffer from this, and humiliating a person without swearing is easiest in this area. Maybe he has one ear taller than the other? Maybe he has a big nose. Maybe he has acne, even though he hasn't been a teenager for a long time, or he has liquid sparse hair.

 Maybe if it's a woman, she looks older than her age? For every flaw, you can think of a scathing catchphrase. - "Haven't you ever tried to fly them?" - To the man with the big ears. - "You could hang yourself with a nose like that!" - to the big-eared man. - "Madam, you're so well-preserved for your forties," to a thirty-year-old woman.

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This feels a little mean-spirited, and I personally prefer to find a way to work with or make peace with someone than smear them. That being said, look to the Southern United States for inspiration.

It's actually very similar in spirit to the last bit, "you're well-preserved for your forties". Compliment in the most vicious backhanded way possible. Make them seem unreasonable for getting upset at the idea. A common Southern phrase comes to mind, "Bless your heart." If you ask any Southerner what that means it is the furthest thing from a well-wishing sentiment. 

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