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Ibrahim Ali

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I'm living an easy life, is it true? that's what I'm questioning myself most of the times, but please i hope from the below statement you can answer me now is my life an easy life?.

Thinking! thinking! This is 98% of my life, i can't even sleep unless I start thinking, when walking I'm thinking, in all my life activities going together with thinking, my head was paining almost anytime I pushed hardly myself into thinking!

I really love to live with friends, family and relatives but amazingly i can't, I'm keeping myself anytime thinking! If mistakenly walking and I saw someone i knew, I'm finding myself changing the way!

So that's why I'm asking is this a simple life, is this easy? Thanks 

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I'm not entirely sure how to answer effectively, but this intrigues me.

So, simple does not equal easy, or vice versa. It certainly sounds like your life is incredibly thoughtful. Without knowing more specific details (I wouldn't ask you to share anything additional unless you're comfortable) I'd say that if you feel you have an easy life then you should count your blessings and enjoy what you find so easy! 

A simple life can still be hard, and an easy life can be immensely difficult. That being said, it sounds like you're overthinking the concept - which seems to feed into you losing sleep over it! If it's a simple life, it's simple, you can find the nuance in it. If it's an easy life, it's easy! Enjoy what you've got!
Hope this helps! Just my two cents!

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