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Increased sugar intake is bad for your brain.

Gery Kamau

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The brain needs a lot of energy to operate properly. This energy is utilized in the form of glucose as the brain has a lot of cells, nerve endings and neurons that require a tremendous amount of energy to function well.

However clinical studies over time have shown that increased glucose uptake can have negative effects on the brain, presenting a myriad of adverse problems on a persons brain. Some known effects of excessive glucose to the brain are listed below.

  • Sugar has effects  on memory. Slow cognitive function, problems being attentive, deficits in memory to name but a few are some of the known clinical memory problems associated with increased sugar intake.
  • Effects on mood. According to a brain imaging study healthy young people are found to have compromised emotional processing due to surges in their blood glucose. Increased anxiety in people suffering from type 2 diabetes when suffering from acute hyperglycemia. Higher risk of depression is also linked to diabetes patients.
  • Mental capacity becomes diminished. Long term diabetics show slow brain damage leading to bad effects like: Impairments in learning, motor speed and memory.
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