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How financial literacy could be your gateway to a fulfilled life.

Gery Kamau

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Being financial literate is being in the know of how to handle yourself regarding money. We all know that we work in order to make money that will in turn make us live a comfortable life for ourselves and our loved ones.

Not being able to know how to handle and take care of your hard earned money let alone talking about investments will have you not being able typo have enough resources for your day to day activities.

Thus the need for financial self education to be able to navigate your life better.

Reading a lot of financial literature can be a good start to attaining financial freedom. Books on finances from seasoned and upcoming authors will give you a footprint of what is expected of you.

With the advent of the digital age, a lot of information is found on electronic media. Listening to podcasts on finance, watching a programme on finance on tv, listening to the radio talk about finance will get you ahead of the pack in matters finance.

Joining forums that hold discussions on finance such as groups on Facebook and Instagram is a sure fire way of getting informed on your money matters.

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