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Some subtle ways to be happy in life.

Gery Kamau

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When one has happiness in his or her life, a lot of things take the right trajectory. Because life as it is now has a lot of challenges that have a way of dragging someone down the mental health way. Coming from a period of disease and uncertainty where global levels of happiness plummeted it is important to uphold this value of life in every possible way.

Happiness is a feeling or emotion that cannot be quantified but has a great effect on a persons well being and quality of life. There are certain deeds that we can all do to change to be able to nurture happiness in all of us.

  • Count your blessings, name them one by one. Acknowledging what you have at the moment is crucial in lifting your happiness levels. since you have the chance to see the potential you possess and the strength and also what you need to work on more. This will surely increase happiness in your life.
  • Practice gratitude and positivity. Have you ever met a person who always talks about the ill in their lifew or those around them? If you look intently at their lives they live a sad life. Gratitude brings out an inner state of happiness in a person. Positivity enables ones to make peace with their current situyation increasing happinesas through acceptability.
  • Engaging in random acts of kindness increases the level of happiness in ones life. Be it volunteering, helping the needy or simply helping the elderly cross the road increases the levels of satisfaction leading to happiness.

The bottom line is that happiness is crucial to everyone and should be upheld to experience the best life has to offer.



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My single best tip I can give to anyone on the front of finding happiness in life is actually to come to terms with the idea that sometimes things are just negative. It is totally natural to get stuck in a bad mood, and its absolutely fine to acknowledge when a situation is damaging or harmful. A lot of people like to claim that just denying negative feelings will eliminate them, but more often than not I find that it simply bottles it up until it becomes toxic in its own right. Allow yourself to have your emotions, deal with them, and then move on. 

And it can be a really simple change to your lifestyle. Just don't fixate on bad situations, but don't avoid them. It's more an exercise in honesty with one's self, and it can clear up why something is hurting you with very little energy.

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Isn’t it amazing to think that we are solely responsible for our happiness and mental wellbeing? Severe mental illness aside, we have the capability to turn anger into love, anxiety into excitement. That being said, it takes practice, especially because most of us have been conditioned to believe that the way we feel is because of her, him and everybody else besides our own self. I like how you mentioned gratitude. Being grateful for what we have has a huge impact on now only how we feel, but also our ability to thrive in life. 

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